BS - 2D data processing program.

BS is a windows version of the 2D X-ray data processing program BSL in use at the Daresbury Synchrotron radiation source, for the treatment of low angle diffraction data. BSL was written in the Daresbury Laboratory, mainly by Geoff Mant, for the Biology Support Laboratory. It is based on the OTOKO package developed in Hamburg in 70's and runs on Unix or Unix-like platforms. You may find more information about it on Daresbury web site:
The core of BS was written in April - June 2000 to make it possible to work with Daresbury data on our home, Windows-based computers. Another aim was to make it more user-friendly and to provide greater flexibility to adapt to the ever changing requirements. It requires less memory, has separate window to see 1D graphics and allows export of the image in two common formats: BMP and TIFF. It is still developing, comments and suggestions are welcomed.
The program was written using CBuilder 4, the codes are available on request.

Natalia Koubassova,
Institute of Mechanics Moscow University


color scale for intensity
mouse selection of integration limits
result of vertical integration

List of implemented functions.
.inf  information about the data file
.adc  add a constant to selected range in n frames from file
.add  weighted addition of two images
.arg  display memory contents
.asc  export selection in ASCII format
.ave  average of n frames from one file.
.csv  export selection from 1D  file in ASCII, CSV format
.cut  cut part of an image in a smaller image.
 .dis  displays image with given threshold.
.div  weighted division of two images
.frm  select a frame from current file
.gau  generate a 2D gaussian
.hor  horizontal integration
.int  2D integration though selected region
.log  calculate natural or based 10  logarithm of the image
.max  calculate extremal values of intensity
.mih  mirror two halves horizontally
.mir  irror the four quadrants of the image
.miv  mirror two halves vertically.
.muc  multiply a selected region by a constant
.mul  weighted multiplication of the two images
.rot  image rotation
.sum  sum frames
.shf  shifts an image in x and/or x directions
.usr  runs a user script
.val  intensity value in one point.
.ver  vertical integration
.zer  zero negative values